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How to create a multiboot USB multiple operating systems

You are a computer scientist, you often use live CDs or CDs containing operating systems to repair computers, so you should have several CDs.
Multiboot usb
In this article, I will show you a trick to put multiple operating systems in a bootable USB drive to simplify the task of always carrying multiple CDs or multiple USB drives with you.
Creating a bootable USB stick is interesting when we need to reinstall our operating system in the event of a system failure. It is very easy to put an ISO file on a flash drive and make it bootable using various tools like  Rufus ,  ISOtoUSB , …
Now, there are several operating systems, free and paid. Each OS with multiple versions and features. You can put each version of an operating system into a CD if you want. And the more versions of operating systems, the more CDs you will have
It would be great to put all its operating systems on a multiboot USB key 🙂
The process for creating a multiboot USB drive is quite simple. On Windows, there are some tools for creating a multiboot USB key such as:   WinSetupFromUSB, Yumi multiboot, Boot, Easy2Boot . They allow you to put multiple ISOs in a bootable USB key. For example, you can put Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 in a single bootable USB key for reinstalling the operating system.
Before proceeding with the method, if you do not have the ISO files for the Windows OS, the link below will allow you to download them.

How To Create A Multiboot USB Stick?

For this tutorial, it is advisable to have a large USB key, here I use the WinSetupFromUSB tool and a  16GB USB key.

Step 1: Download  WinSetupFromUSB . Extract the compressed file


Step 2: Connect your USB drive to your computer

Step 3: Open  WinSetupFromUSB  or  WinSetupFromUSB_x64  according to the architecture of your OS.

Step 4: Select your USB key, check ”  Auto format it with FBinst  “,

Step 5: On ”  Add to USB disk  ” check the OS you want to put in the USB key, here I check  Windows Vista / 7/8/10  and click on … to choose the ISO image of the first SE to put on the USB key, here I choose the iso of

Windows 7.


Step 6: Check Advanced Menu, check  Custom menus names for Vista / 7/8/10 Source

Step 7  : Click  GO  to start the process. Click  Yes on both warning messages you will have. Choose the folder name (ex:  Win7x64 ). Choose the name of the iso (ex:  Windows 7 64bits ).

more option

The process only takes a few minutes.



Step 8  : To add another ISO in the file, just repeat  steps 5,6,7  and make sure to uncheck ”  Auto format it with FBinst  ” to not erase the previous ISO.

 This is the method I use to put the 3 operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 in a bootable USB key. Is this trick helpful, Leave a comment. Share and support us.

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